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certainly not an attention seeker

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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2007|02:15 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[Tags|, ]
[mood |excitedv. pleased!]
[music |1969 - the vines]

OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY. I have not hair hair this short since i was... probably 3? i had it in a bob a bit past my chin for several years, then i grew it and it hasn't been shorter than shoulder-length since!
it took me about a half hour to get used to it, and i freaked out during that time, but now i love it! it's so cute.

rest of them...Collapse )

so you cannot fully grasp the hotness of it from those, or the cuteness of the teeny tiny puppy pigtails.
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I'm a newbie. [Jul. 12th, 2006|01:20 am]
certainly not an attention seeker
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Watching "Nick Arcade"]

Hello. I'm Cory. I'm 17, a senior in high school, and I reside in the suburbs of Merced, California. My intrests include video games, studying history, and being quiet. If you'd like to add me, I'd more than likely add you back.

I stumbled upon this community, and thought it pwned. So, I decided to post some photos of myself.

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formerly weptforme_dying [Apr. 3rd, 2006|09:05 am]
certainly not an attention seeker

i posted this in my journal a while back. it was just mocking myspace and emo and the whole ridiculously shitty culture that comes with it. it had words but, they have no context here.

...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2006|03:55 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[Tags|, ]
[mood |contenta little chilly but cheerful]
[music |radio countdown on gold fm]

i felt cute today. it's great what a good night's sleep can do for the mood. thank god i finally got a day off.
so there's pictures of me looking cute (i hope)... i just feel it today. i'm wearing my black and pink zip skirt i made for the first time in ages. and i have my hair up with two bobby pins and two spoons. i love spoons. i really need to get a pointy-handled long-handled spoon. that'd be great. i've got purple and green eyeliner on but you can't really tell - if i photograph in lighter areas or with a flash you can see how bad my skin is lately! i love ym skirt... and my shoes...
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2006|03:19 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[music |Leroy - Good Time]

Since it's been awhile since I've seen updates here, here's a couple of new pictures I haven't posted yet.

Are you having a good time, with your friends and your French wine?Collapse )
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slacking [Dec. 13th, 2005|11:39 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

now i know i'm included in this, but not many people are posting. i understand that you don't feel like posting or don't have new pics often, but it would be really great if we could get more posts and some new members. please pimp this community because it would be more interesting if more pics were being shown off.
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some pics from the formal et stuff. [Dec. 13th, 2005|10:53 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[mood |crankysunburnt and tired]
[music |get into the groove - madonna]

sunburn sucksCollapse )

the hair wasn't how i wanted it. but i didn't really care, i had too much fun. i had wanted looooose free curls. but pfft. whatever.
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Me Again [Nov. 8th, 2005|06:09 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |Benji On Loveline]

I haven't seen people posting a lot here, so I figured I should post some of my own pics that I took for my VampireFreaks profile and check if people are alive.

A couple of normal ones, some random and some just weird (be warned of these)

We Don't Need No EducationCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2005|07:08 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker

[music |Eminem - The Way I Am]

Alright, so couple of more photos of me =)

Some new, some old(as in before my new haircut)...

Because I'm a cam-whore and proud of itCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2005|09:16 pm]
certainly not an attention seeker
I have nothing to do =/ lol!
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