we're not attention seekers

we just like our cameras

certainly not an attention seeker
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this is a comm run by amethyst_gems for people who like taking photos of themselves. it is not a ratings community. i created it because none of my lj flist appreciated my habit of posting up lots of photos that i take of myself when i get bored, and i wanted to make a place where people could do just that.

there's no rules about having to wear lipstick in photos or coloured hair, but these kinds of things are always cool.

photos can be artistic and set up or impromptu or any way you like it. you can have photos of you and your friends, as long as they're not just plain happy-snaps of people smiling in front of some monument or behaving drunkenly. photoshopping is welcome, so pretty edited photos are perfectly fine.
tasteful nudity is allowed, but please put it under and lj-cut and use warnings.
if there's anything offensive or distasteful or illegal or generally bad or controversial, you WILL use warnings, and/or i WILL delete it. if anyone has a problem with anything, tell me and i'll check it out.

please put entries under an lj-cut... this is the code:
<*lj-cut text="whatever you want it so say*> blah blah photos blah <*/lj-cut*>
(without the *s)

you can have one large photo or three small ones outside the lj-cut, but please don't make them big enough to warp people's flists... cos it pisses me off.

posting icons/other art is accepted as long as it's of you or someone you know. you can link to other posts if you want to show off your art/fic/whatever.

feel free to promote this community, as the more members we get,the better.

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